Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello New Life

And as I continue life's journey to a different path, I bid adieu to the place I once called HOME~Dubai.

I am thankful to the unseen mover of all for giving me a chance to meet new friends and continue my career in the hospitality industry. I wish to continue whatever career I choose here but who knows what life has to offer me.

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw when she got married. Totally different from what she was accustomed to. Nevertheless this blog is not about me. This blog is dedicated to the people who played an integral part in my life while I was in Dubai.

When I arrived in Dubai, true my bestest gayfriend JV was there to assist me and I have never felt that he has used me to his advantage while he wanted to get boys attention. He was supportive though he always annoy me by knocking on my window (with Georgy Purgy) while my roomie was asleep. So I am thankful to him for the assistance and for always being there whenever I need him. You will and always be so close to my heart! I love you Gayfriend!

While I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because my Romanian roomie who is complaining that I am noisy while she on the other hand was conceiving plans of having sleepovers with her boyf  in my absence. I have been hanging out with Lub and "Windang" (I totally forgot what her real name was because shortly after we've met, she left for another job offer) and I really did like their company. During the time that my roomie and I was really agitated with each other, Cris offered for me to stay in her room because Nea (her roomie) went to the Philippines for vacation.

I was thankful to Cris because if it wasn't for her I would have slit my roomie's throat or mine, whichever become available during that time. Hahahaha! During the course of time I think there was a falling out. Somehow she became busy when she arrived back from the Philippines for a vacay but I am still thankful to her for that 1 month adoption.

During the time that I was being adopted by Cris, Lub & I found a room. It was Ann & that other Korean girl who both decided to resign. Then we moved.

Lub is a sweet girl. She usually watch a lot of horror movies then she will be scared and insist to sleep beside me which totally annoys me. She's usually with boys because she is a complete tomboy but ends up having complicated relationship with them. Hahahaha! One good thing about Lub, I have never felt that she backstabs me. And even if she did, I forgive her because she did me no wrong. I love you gurl!

The Gay Council was founded. We had Senior Citizens Club which was totally useless but still FUN to mention. We had the Cooking Club.

There are a lot of people to Thank. Like Emman whom Beamer adores. Mau who assisted me in the airport. BB, Kimmy & Amor who painstakingly went with me through the process. Aileen, Wendy & G who helped me packed. RB whom I adore so much even if sometimes we don't see eye to eye at work, but that rarely happens. To Ms. Erma, who helped me with the HR issues. To Lv Vent who is always supportive, not to mention generous.

I am also thankful to my detractors. I know a lot of people hate me. Some even pretended to be my friend. Some probably I accepted to be friends with and then stab me at my back. I love you guys. Without you my life would never be fun in Dubai.

Thank you guys for being a BIG Ginormous part of my life in Dubai. I understand how difficult I was at times or most of the time but it still prove to me that the people who love me will always be there for me no matter what happens. Rest assured that I will always be here if you need me and now that I left Dubai, those who want to contact me can easily do so through skype and facebook and email. And those who do not want to be a part of my life can just ignore me because I am in no mood to play bullshit with you.

This is me. I love me. I love the outcome of my choices. And as I end this BLOG and move on with my life(and a new BLOG) I realized that I have learned a lot in Dubai. I will treasure the memories and will be looking forward hearing from my TRUE Friends.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goodbye Dubai

I am happy to leave. I always love opening a new chapter in my life. Its like a bittersweet chapter. Like you are adamant to leave because of the "what is there for me?" sort of feeling but then again you want to go because you are full of optimism.

Plus the fact that Beamer is there waiting for me.

Barely 4 years ago, I was in love with Dubai. I was in the Philippines starting a business but then decided that I wanted a fresh start. I wanted to go to places I have never been to and learn of their culture and meet new people with new ideas.

I packed my bag and bid Philippines goodbye. Don't get me wrong, I love the Philippines! I am proud to be a Filipina! I love my country and will never get tired loving it. But I have to go. I just have to. The reason was plain and simple. It is the career of my choice and I would like to pursue it.

In my 4 almost 4 years stay in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai, I have learned a few things that life has offered.

1.)  That I love my job in the Front Office and I will never stray. I love working with people of different cultures, ideas and aspirations. I love my guests even if they are a pain. Sometimes, a complete PAIN in the you-know-where! But I love them nonetheless! I love solving their problems and help them with their predicaments. Sometimes, the management would question your loyalty if it is with the company or with the guests. HEY! Its not a war! This is my job and I will do whatever it takes to help my guests so back off you narcissistic pig!

2.) That I am a TROUBLESHOOTER! I love helping people with their misery and in a way it makes me feel good! Well, this quality of mine piss a lot of colleagues but hey! ENVY is like a WORM, it always has an eye for the fairest apple!

3.) That in your life's journey, you will meet a lot of people and some of them will claim to be your friends and stab you at your back while some are really your friends and do not expect anything from you.

4.) That I love shoes since birth and will forever be awed of how a shoe can make or break an outfit! Oh, and bags too!

5.) That Dubai is for the singletons and not for kids! How many parks do they have? Beach parks, water parks and everything which would expose your kids to sun sometimes unprotected. So, they go to the mall where they have the skating rink, giant aquariums, indoor ski, kidzania and zega. But hey! To each their own! Its their lives.

6.) That 3 days is NOT enough for a honeymoon in Dubai! If you want to go there regularly, FINE! But if not! Make it a week! And get the 7 Emirates tour for a day!

7.) That there will boss' who will be annoying and obnoxious and will tear you apart. Not unless you annoy and tear them apart first! Hahahaha!

8.) That there will be colleagues who will just be there to get a paycheck. They will not give their best and they will be sloppy so it will be up to you whether you want to go down with them or you have to step up and stand still so you wont fall with them.

9.) That family comes first whatever happens! We will have jobs and friends come and go! But family will and always be there for you no matter what happens. They accept you for who you are even at your worst.

10.) That Love will be found in the right time. Here's a thought that I have discussed with my soul sister:
Boys will be boys and all we need is timing. Timing that if you find a boy who is on his way to become a man then he will be ready to commit. Do not look for boys who are happy and contented being boys, they will never commit. I found my MAN and I am happy to be where I am right now.

So, Goodbye Dubai! I hope to see you soon in the near future. Probably a week stay by 2012 but then again, who knows what's in store for me.

I hope to see you all in my new BLOG:

Addicted to High Heels Deux (shoe-paholic getting married)

Friday, November 26, 2010


"A journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step."

I am happy with the outcome of my choices. I know that at one point of my life I was a rebel and a wildchild. I was someone you would vote less likely to succeed. Well, I'm not saying that I am successful because I am no way near that either but had you known me way back, you would immediately assume I am up to no good!

I stopped dreaming all of a sudden and took charge of my life. I thought to myself, what is the point of dreaming if I don't wake up from weaving air castles and impossible dreams? I stood and decided to face reality.

Working in Cyprus helped me a lot. It may not be the dream job but I have learned that I do not ever want to have that job ever again. I thought to myself, I am well educated, has excellent communication skills, I'm not that bad looking, I am a self-proclaimed fashionista, I am level-headed and I love talking so I don't see the point of wasting my skills in the kitchen as a Chef's Assistant.

What Am I doing here? Do I belong here? Is this what I want? These are the questions which succumbed my being. Then I woke up realizing that all the dreams I thought would be served in a silver platter is not going to be a reality. My inner strength woke me up and brought me to where I should be. To my country, to think, to strategize and pursue a career.

Even if Cyprus was not for me, it was a great country. I would love to go back and spend a week there. My stay in Cyprus brought me to where i should be right now. It made me realize that even if I did not know what I want, I have learned "what I don't want" and that was enough for me to start a new life.
After returning to Philippines where I worked teaching part-time to Korean kids and making massive amount of beadworks. Thanks to Bernadette & Sherry. Then, I decided to go to Dubai.

4 years of staying in the same hotel in Dubai was enough for me to realize that I know what I want and I love my job. I was happy to be where I was until Beamer came along.

I knew the minute we spoke about marriage that he is the one. I knew that I was meant to be with him and that is where I should be.

HOME is where the heart is. It doesn't matter where you are as long as you are together.

I am thankful to:
Thanks to my Guest Relations Family: Sevinch, BB & Wendy~my tenure went well because you are all understanding, cooperative and a hell of a team player!
I am also thankful to the previous GR Team members wherever they may be. They have made me who I am today because of their eccentricities and a whole lot of complexities.
Ms. Yana~I just love you! You are so gorgeous!
Amira Dahlin'~for her wit and F-U-N!
Perpie: For her sexual prowess! I guess we'll never really know if its true. lol
Ann~Thanks for helping me out when I was new.
Alina, Farah, Ely, Lana, Fatima Z., Tonette, My and Joo. You all have contributed to what have become me now!

Thanks to my Gay Council Family:
BB, Amor & Kimmy~who patiently helped me with my luggage and my tantrums.
Amor~who helped me with my muscle spasm and patiently applied salonpas and efficascent oil while I was cursing and crying with pain.
Kimmy~the lucky charm on my interview in the embassy.
BB~the sister I almost had, I cannot imagine HGRS without you.
Mayet~Thanks for the book and thongs! I love you and you know that!
Perpie~Thanks for the FUN and endless support!
JV~ My bestest boyfriend!
Georgy Purgy~ The gay fashionista!
Tetay~ Thanks for letting me crash in your room when I had a fussy roomie!
Lub-ster~the sister who never grew tired of my tantrums!
To my Cooking Club Family:
Amor~who did not give me my last share of Kaldereta!
Kimmy~who is always late with the delivery! lol
Madam G~Yum-O! for the guinataang fish!
BB~C'mon, I'm always the taster!
Wendy~Give me the Igado recipe!
To the Senior Citizens Club:
Ms. G~Thanks for helping me pack my things!
Ms. Ai~Thanks for the well wishes & the BOX and lingerie!
Ms. Fatima V.~For all our power struggles and fist fights! lol

and to more peeps who care:
Lv: Thanks for the Miu Miu Stilettos! I lurvve it!
Venus & Tin: Thanks for the VS thongs and purse!
Luisa Belle: Thanks for the tequila!
Davie: Thank you so much for the support!
Robert: Thanks a bunch! The White Party Bachelorette would not have materialized without your spontaneity!
RB: Always there to support me! I love you! Best Boss in HGRS! Hats off! Fair & Square!

And to my detractors:
YOU know who you are! You know that you have opted to see me fail but you did not! I know who you are and how you gossip behind my back. I know how insecure you are because I get what I want. You despise me because I held my head high no matter what. You know why? Because no matter how you see it, no matter how strict I can be, no matter how devilish I can get, no matter how vindictive you see me, I am fair and you loathe the fact that I am right. I knew that you were so happy when I was leaving. You cant just help but rejoice that at last, you will get what you always wanted. But guess will never be on the same ground that I stood at. and knowing that, makes me smile. Forgive me if I gloat, the mere thought that your envy will not do you good makes me shiver with uncontrollable gladness.

I would also like to reiterate that I have NO REGRETS of what I have done in the past. I am who I am because of my past. As I have stated, I love the outcome of my choices.

Dear Beamer,I cant wait to be your wifey!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Karaoke Nights @ Benghal's

Karaoke Nights at My boss' flat was way too much FUN! I have to admit, I am a mic hoarder so I had a lot of time with the mic during karaoke nights. I don't know if my colleagues like it, but as I have stated before, I don't give a damn! I am just there to have fun, if I decided that I am BORED, I can always leave!



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Famous OR Infamous

My college friend, Yhen sent me this article. She saw this in one of the magazine. Imagine , she is in Abu Dhabi and me in Dubai and yet my infamy reached her. Hahaha!

This was taken when I dragged Ms. G, Charmaine and Wendy Lu to one of the Hoteliers Night.

It was sure to be one of those blastful nights.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Ice Queen

February 2007 when I arrived in Dubai. I tried to be friendly but there was no one who gave a damn! After a period of time I got tired of receiving BS of massive doses and decided that I should be my old self~Bitchy OLD me!

I must admit, there are a handful of people I would rather see dead but I sure don't want to be the one to kill them. Hahahaha!

After a few months, I opted to wear the pants. The pantyhose is a nuisance and money wasting machine!

Anyhow, on my 3 years and 9 months tenure in the hotel I can say that I have given my best. I have proven my worth and I knew that I was one of the key players.
To be very honest, I am not perturbed by the people who are insecure about me. These are the people who calls me names behind my back and never in front of my face. I am even flattered because I believe that "ENVY is a like a worm. It always has an eye for the fairest apple."

I have been called a lot of names and most of them are behind my back! But my favorite would be Ms. Minchin! Hahahaha!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

GLEEK Nights

Glee is a musical comedy-drama television series that airs on Fox in the United States. It focuses on the high school glee club New Directions competing on the show choir competition circuit, while its members deal with relationship, sexuality and social issues

GLEEKS are we. Enough said.

Twas a fine night! And I dont want to elaborate!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Heart My Job

I work as a Guest Relations Supervisor in one of the most prestigious hotels in Dubai. A handful of pessimists will disagree but I am proud of where I work. If you are not proud of where you work then you are embarrassed of who you are.

I love working in hotels! The satisfaction I get when I help a guest is priceless!

Flowers given by one of my guests!
I am thankful to the unseen mover of all for giving me the opportunity to work in the hospitality industry. I may not be that thankful to the hotel itself because I deserve to work there and I have worked my way up and to be really honest, I think I deserve more. So there, having said that I felt that a heavy burden has been lifted. Hahaha!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My 1st Juicy

Having the Bachelorette's party hosted by BB was a blast! Having my 1st ever juicy was a treat!
I was appreciative and thankful to Mr. Reda for my pink Moroccan slippers and to Aileen for my fuchsia pink lingerie as well.

My pink/coffee juicy purse was a great treat and I so so so lurrrvvveee it!

To add some joy into my lonesome juicy, I bought my 1st gold plated JUICY bracelet with a charm. I also bought a rainbow charm to commemorate my love for Gay Council! yay!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am ME

Note: I am the type of person who can do things, possibly great things. But knowing that the people I lead is half-heartedly following me, it depress me. I am an empath! So, I feel it when people do not like me, hates me, loathe me, is envious of me, is jealous of me...

Notice that I did not include love, because I don't think someone can love me whole-heartedly. As Beamer puts it, sometimes he hates LOVING ME. Well, what can I say? I'm a brat! In every sense of the word.

I will never be repentant of all the bad things I have done in the past. I am not in any case, remotely remorseful. I am me and I love being me. If there will be a time that I will be a kind-hearted person feeling nothing but love for mankind and wishing for world peace, then that is the time that you can conclude that you need to get me an exorcist.

So there, this is me, laying all my cards to you. I am me. There will be no buts and ifs with me. It is my way or the high way!

As my mother put's it, I am the devil. She's so sweet! I love her with all my heart. And there are a rare few of people whom I can categorize as people who really love me for who I am and not for what I can offer.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the unseen mover of all. I believe in a God who is omnipotent and magnanimous. I believe in a God who will be with me all the way. I believe in a God who understand that I am not a hypocrite and I will always say what I want to say no matter what. I believe in a God who gives me overflowing blessings because I am just and I am fair. And I do not stoop just because I want other people to like me.

It is better to be disliked for who I am than be liked for whom I am not.